Bedford Property Focus: Putnoe Heights

There something Quintessential about Bungalows. In this day and age, most new houses are being built upwards to make the most of the Land available. 3 Floor Town Houses feature on most new Estates

Putnoe Heights – Bungalow

Bungalows hark back to a day when we all had a bit more Space and were not as rushed as we are in todays modern environment. They offer a sort of peaceful tranquility.

They all tend to sit on good sized Plots and feature good sized Rooms.

This one in particular illustrates the point perfectly, and one I know quite well as I walk my dogs on Bowhill Park, which the property is situated next to.

Offered for Sale by our Friends at Urban and Rural it features good sized Rooms as well as a Conservatory that overlooks the Park.

As they say nice Retirement pad or a small family Home.

Now heres a thought. Most people wouldn’t Associate Bungalows with Renting. But one things remains true,  the few we have on our Books never seem to be empty……..