Bedford Property Market : Chicken or Egg?

Ah the age old Question, which came first? Do I find a buyer or a new house first? 

Fortunately, the answer to this is a bit easier to decide.

Without a doubt, make sure you secure a buyer on your existing House before you Make an offer on anything else. If its done right, buyers will flock to your property. 

Until you have an offer you don’t really know what you’ve got to play with.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with checking out the Area where you hope to locate to. Speak to Agents, browse about and have a scout the area. 

But dont get all emotional about anything in particular, because in all likelihood it may have gone when the Time comes.

Having an offer on your home will also en-power you with any negotiation as you will be taken more seriously. 

You will be able move more quickly and dictate the pace more easily.