Bedford Property Market “Riverfield Drive”

Queuing up in Tesco’s recently I was approached by a landlord we work with regular. He wanted to know my thoughts on the local area

 He normally buys flats near the hospital but wanted to know about Riverfield Drive. I confirmed this area was very popular and property was never on the market for long either for sale or to rent

I told him about the following which had just come on the market with William H Brown  with an  rent of £595 per calendar month this would give you a reasonable return of 5%. These properties are small but well suited to single people or professional couples. And due to their location with great access to Cambridge,the M1 and the Town Centre whilst also being close to open countryside and amenities, people specifically ask to live here.

He seemed very happy with what I had told him and was intending to take a look at this place as soon as possible