Bedford Property Market : Shortstown a good buy ?

I was chatting to a landlord about how areas can get a reputation and how this can affect the market.

In Bedford there are some areas which dont actually deserve the negativity they appear to get.  One of these was Shortstown. I told him that I have moved to Bedford some years ago moving North from Barton Le Clay, initially we came across a small development in Shortstown which on first visit we shied away from as we had entered the area from the North side. Several months later we came in through Cotton End and our opinion completely changed. We bought a lovely three bed in Comet Drive and live there for over 5 years!!! My point is “dont judge a book by its cover as you could miss out on a real good buy. Such as this one in the same street , on the market with Urban and Rural , this 2 bed terrace is wearing well and is reasonably priced.

A good first home or investment opportunity with a possible rent around the £700 / 750 per calendar month mark. I would highly recommend