Bedford property market : know your locality !

We had a call in the office the other day from a client who lived ooop North. He had seen this property on Rightmove with WH Brown and was very impressed with the specification and the price.

And on the face of it I was inclined to agree. A 2 bed on the market for £160,000 in this condition , possibly could achieve £750 per calendar month , giving a reasonable return on investment.


The property is on Prebend Street. And anyone local to Bedford understands that this is not the most desirable location in Bedford, potentially an area of high deprivation which leads to its own problems : anti social behaviour and crime .And is horrific during rush hour with sheer weight of traffic. It may not be the most appropriate location for an investment.

It goes back to me saying readers , doing your home work is crucial , obtaining a true picture. It may be that this property is for you but just make sure you have all the facts