Bedford Property Market : Maisonettes Again!!

That 1970’s throw back came up in conversation again the other day.  Is a Maisonette like a flat ?  One of my landlords asked.

I replied  ” thats an interesting question” They are very similar , as they usually are leasehold , but they have the USP of having their own front door , so they feel less “flat like” I gave him the example of this property in Alburgh Close , on the market with Absolute.

This is described as a maisonette. However has its own front door, no communal areas , with the world and his wife passing your by. This one is keenly priced and could rent for around £500/525 per calendar month. Not too shabby.

However a word of caution. Check out the management company. Is there a lease? How long is there left on it ? What fees will you be subject to ?  There may not be ground rent , but what about maintenance charges?

This one has tenants. What are they like ? Are they in arrears ? Can you move agents if you want to?

Again: crucially doing you homework is key. Don’t have the time ? Then why not ask your local property expert to assist, more than happy to steer you through the minefield of investment.