Bedford Property Market : North / South Divide

A client of mine caught me jogging along the embankment one Sunday morning. And once I had caught my breath we had a brief chat about the property market and whether I thought North of the River fared better than the South?

Reason being she had seen this three bed property in Miller Road , which is South of the River ,on the market with Home , our Tavistock Street neighbours. Who, depsite the traffic disruption were still getting properties on.

It was on the market for  £207,500 which was very reasonable. And regardless of the intention to occupy or rent out this was a good price.  But as an aside you could probably achieve around £850 per calendar month for a property such as this. A return of just shy of 5%

I said to my client that there did seem to  a North / South divide in property deals , but I also stated that it ran a little deeper than that. And as I have said before one needs to investigate thoroughly the area you are intending to buy. As this can also alter from street to street.

And also look at the demand in this area.  And what amenities are on offer.  Transport links. Schools etc . Before making a decision.  And what your intentions are :  letting or occupying will affect the decision making process. It pays to speak to a property expert and I said if she wanted to call in the office , when I was less red faced I would be happy to discuss this or any other property further.