Bedford Property Market : Studio with a car port!

I have an investment landlord who has a strange obsession with Clapham Road Bedford. He already has several on this road and by a strange turn of fate we had a discussion about this one recently!

On the market with a Milton Keynes agency King Estate Agents this studio is unusual as it has a car port! Odd you may say?

But also in the eyes of a lettings agent a USP (Unique Selling Point) . Not only could you walk / cycle to the station. Are within a short distance of the Town Centre. BUT you also have a place off the main road to leave your car.

Rent wise you could achieve around £400 per calendar month , offering a healthy 5.8% return on investment. ” Certainly worth a look ” I said to my Clapham Road obsessed landlord. And he said he would be in touch once he had!!