Bedford Property Market : cute little studio

Who lives in a house like this ? Studios are a strange one , personally my view is that they are properties for the organised! A studio for the un-initiated is a property where you live and sleep in the same room. With generally a separate kitchen and bathroom.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Large and small. But they let very quickly and with rents on the rise , could be a great investment opportunity. Our sales team have a fine example on the market at the moment. Currently rented on a long term let at £395pcm this would at this asking price achieve a return of  about 5.5%.

However do it up , spending a couple of £1000 and potentially you could get more rent.

One issue to consider is the length of lease. As this client had tried to sell in the past with a shorter lease which led to problems.

And make sure you check out the management company for the freehold and any additional costs this will incur.