Bedford Property Market : Looks can be deceiving !

Sometimes the property market is a strange place.  The other day we were discussing this with a landlord who had popped in for a brew , he had heard of the amazing cup cakes we had on offer from the The Cup Cake Company.

We’ve all seen the pictures and articles about converted public conveniences . Which are quirky and interesting. But sometimes this sentiment gets lost in translation!!

“What do you mean he said?”  I told him about an odd property I had seen on the market. In Kempston , currently being advertised with Open House as a 1 bed bungalow

I believe this was a wrong choice , formerly a shop this has been converted into residential property. And on the market since November 2015. Its not moving. Sold at auction, the new owner may make some profit , but it needs to sell for that!!!

Its small , on a main road, no parking , no garden

I will watch this one with interest !!!