Bedford Property Market : Sticking Property “What’s the crack?”

We have doing this for a long time and the age old question that comes up often . Is why do vendors and landlords go to the “corporates” so often.

An age old argument is because they can sell property! Well I care to differ. When looking at the market the other day one of the issues that became apparent, was the same culprits seem to pop up over and over again with property that was sticking.

Try it your self .

Looking at Rightmove we filtered our search to properties that had been on the market over 14 days.

Some of which had been there for years! And the same three corporate agents kept coming up.

Looking at the top 50 “stickers” they took 16, 18 and 22% of them

Why is that ?

  1. Are they not doing their job correctly ?
  2. Are these properties actually for sale ?
  3. Are these Agents then as “good” as they claim ?
  4. Are they really doing their job for you ?
  5. Are they working for you as best as they can ?
  6. Or are you just another For Sale board for their figures.

Surely you need an Agent who knows the market , and is able to give the right advice so you sell your property in a timely fashion