Bedford Property Market : “For Sale or Not For Sale? That is the question!”

We are very lucky that despite uncertainty in the market , our clients still seem to want to buy property!

So the other day one of our landlords requested we locate 3 properties for him within a certain price range. Great news! However this was not as simple as first thought.

The market is buoyant and properties are selling fast however we located a few and contacted the agents to arrange a proxy appointment.

We saw this one bedroom property on the market with our colleagues at Haart , perfect Buy to Let opportunity. On budget.  However on calling we were informed “this one is Sold” ! What !  So my question is this : why on earth is it still on the market?

Is this true ?

If it is why hasn’t the agent updated the internet?

This potentially be effected immediately.  Clients need to be aware that they may not be getting the service they believe they are.!!!