Bedford Property Market : Don’t judge too quickly !!!

Looking for a neat little investment I noticed that this property was on the market. In great condition :  a good price and located in Putnoe which is a highly desireable area.

On the market with our colleagues at Bennett Larusso  Looking at this you could achieve a good rent of around £600 pcm  , offering a return of 6%

If you know Bedford , this property is located on Needwood Road., which doesnt have the best reputation. However we have discussed this before don’t right an area off just due to “snob value” , look at the return which we have , and also the capital growth. It has to be a balancing act. I have mentioned Heat Maps before and heres the one for this area.  Red is high capital growth. The pale area is High yield. To get the best deal you need to aim for yellow. And some of this certainly is that!!





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