Bedford Property Market : This old chestnut

I was looking at Rightmove the other day for a client looking to invest and I noticed that this property was still on the market.  It is being advertised by several agents including our colleagues at Taylors . It has been on the market since 20th August 2014!!!

2 years ! Really?

We know that some property doesnt sell , but we also know that the market has been moving fast.

If this has been on the market and I was the vendor ,  I would be asking questions of my agents : all of them. Its on the market for various prices : its down as a two bed, a three bed, with and without internal photos.

Are these agents really working hard enough for the vendor?

If they are getting feedback , then why isnt the vendor being advised. If as an Agent I couldnt justify my actions and offer my client the best service , I would be very disappointed.

I’ll just leave that out there!!!