Top Selling Tips Part 2 – Unleashing your Property’s Value.

Okay, so you’ve lived in your Home for X years, and the Place has your Stamp all over it. You know every nook-and-cranny, the place is like an extension of you and your loved ones.

Now you need to move on, you need to remove your Footprint and neutralise the Property. The House will soon cease to be your Home, so you have to look at it for what it is. A house that you live in. You should think of yourself as being a bit of a nomad! Your Home will hopefully be the one you look for when you’ve Sold this one. It can be difficult, particularly if it represents life changing moments or missing Family Members. Those lie within you and not the Bricks and Mortar

People who come in will have an image of their perfect home in their minds-eye. Some people will be very specific while others will have a more open minded approach. However generally, most will be somewhere in between. To them it is just another House they are viewing. They don’t have the Emotional attachment….yet. Get it right and they will soon start talking as if they have.

You’ve got a good idea of when you want to sell, so now you need to start putting the Plan into practice. You need to clear your Mind and try to be objective as possible. Go to the Front of the House and have a good hard look at it. Try and put yourself in the shoes of someone coming to view.  What do you see? Does it look tidy? Imagine you are a buyer looking round the Area. Does your property have Kerbside appeal? Look for positive and negatives and list them down. Next go into the Garden and repeat the Process again being objective as possible. Repeat this process for every single part of the House until you have a good long list of Good Points and Bad Points.

Now you should switch to being realistic. You should, if you’ve carried it out correctly, have big long list of things that need attention.  You look at it and think, that’s going to be expensive, and you’re right it could well be. However you should now categorise them into three Sections. This will help you plan things and keep the costs down.

Essential: This should include anything that may be potentially Dangerous or have serious repercussions for the Property, for Example faulty Wiring, Water Leaks or Gas Safety Issues. Also dangerous Brickwork, Tiling, Masonry and Broken Glass. Get these sorted as soon as possible, because issues like this could be serious both to you or anyone entering the Property.

Desirable: Hopefully most of what you have listed will fall into this Category and can be best summed up as General Maintenance. Fix holes, repair broken door knobs, replace worn out Carpets, Sort out that Cracked tile in the Bathroom. Anything that is broken that will feature in your Home. Somethings might be expensive to do, so I would encourage Creative Work-arounds e.g Kitchen Cabinets can have new Doors Fitted rather than  replace the Whole Kitchen. Also, dont be frightened to get a professional in. Bad DIY is sometimes Blatantly obvious and can be off-putting.

Optional: Theses are things that you  should consider doing that that May help or enhance the Good Points you have Listed. A good example of this would be changing Light Fittings or Buying some Ornaments to help enhance a Room Feature. Ie. Fireplace or Window sill. Buying a Colourful Rug may add a feature to a room that is pretty plain

Ultimately, it all boils down to Cost. You don’t want to be spending a fortune on renovation, but you also want to Speculate a little to help improve your return. £1000 spent on a few little enhancements, may add £5000 to the Final Selling Price and reduce the chances of your Property being un-sold for longer than necessary.