Top Selling Tips Part 3 – Paint a Picture, create a thousand words

Another look at Staging you Property for Sale and in particular if you need to decorate.

Everyday use means that many of the Walls will shows the signs with Scars and Grubby marks that will need to be refreshed and tidied to a more presentable Finish. That is fine if you know or have Colour, However, invariably it will mean repainting a wall or even the whole Room.

There are a kaleidoscope of Colours available, so spend some time looking and using them to create warm, pleasant and inviting Rooms. Spending a few pounds on paint and then some time refreshing the walls, ceilings and woodwork can give a marked improvement to the look of your Home. A bit of creativity doesn’t cost a lot, but may add a lot in the End.So you like Pink do you? Or is it Purple that really does it for you. Trouble is not everyone agrees. However, when you come to sell who’s opinion is more important? So if Little Susie likes her Gothic themes and consequently wants her Room Black then tough, a compromise is needed !You want to be using inoffensive Colours, particularly lighter Shades as these will help rooms feel Brighter and Bigger! The more vivid the colour, the more emotive it becomes, and some people do react differently when presented with varying shades. Try to create a tranquil and peaceful environment that the viewer feels relaxed and at ease in. And the Colours on the Walls go part of the Way to creating that feeling

You can use Magnolia, It is good all-round neutral colour that you can use as a fall-back position if needed. But too much use throughout the house can create a slightly sterile feel. Try to think about the Overall Impression of the Room and take into Account the Existing Furnishings. The Curtains, Carpets, any Large pieces of furniture will all have any influence on the overall look of a room. So try to choose a Colour to complement them, just remember to keep it light and Bright.You want to enable the viewers to more easily imagine how they would adapt the rooms to their needs. Ultimately and As I have mentioned previously the viewer needs to feel like they could make it their home.

Lastly. Don’t forget the Front Door. A good coat of freshly coloured paint, be it a nice Deep Red, Blue or Green will create a good first impression.