Top Selling Tips Part 4 – KILLER KITCHENS!

No, this is not the latest B Horror Movie!

However, the Title just emphasises the Power the Kitchen holds when buying or selling property It is quite easily the most Valuable room in your Home. Worth more per square foot than any other and can make the difference if the buyer is unsure.

Why do people always gather in the Kitchen at parties? It is the lyrics from an Old Song and it is true. People always gather there, its a room they are happy with, feel comfortable with and is often seen as neutral ground. It must hark back to the Days when we were all children and where our parents spent most of the time, cooking and cleaning.

Therefore, it is worth considering spending some time and money to getting it looking its Best and ultimately help you with the Sale.

Changing the Worktops is expensive but can add serious value. Consider changing just Drawer and Door fronts as this is considerable cheaper and often just as effective. It may be worth looking at the Fittings/White goods and changing if you feel it may make the difference. Just remember you may sell quicker, but you will probably not re-coup their full cost.

It’s all about creating the WOW Factor in your Home, and the Kitchen is always a good starting Point. If the Kitchen is good , then any Agent worth his Salt, will start the Viewing of the House from there.