Top Selling Tips Part 5: Is this a House or a CAVE?!

As we approach the winter Solstice, the Days continue to get shorter and Daylight is on the wane. The use of Artificial Light is increased and at this time of year Some Homes will need to be Lit constantly. Invariably, they have rooms that are north Facing, so miss out on what little daylight we do get. If you are presenting your House for Sale it is imperative to ensure that it brightly lit and an inviting place to live

These Dark Areas need to be addressed and there are some simple steps that can be taken to improve the rooms lighting.

  • Make sure all windows are clean inside and out, allowing Maximum Light in.
  • Ensure that Curtains are held well back, and that Blinds are clean and allowing the Maximum flow of Light. Window Sills should be clutter free
  • Make sure all lights are working and any shades are clean and Tidy.
  • Check for any dead Bulbs, and replace if necessary. Make sure you have the Brightest Wattage allowed by the Fitting. A single 25w Lamp in a Through lounge isn’t going to cut it!
  • If you have any Dark Areas try and position a lamp in that area.
  • Its worth considering the use of a Mirror as these can help reflect light and can make rooms feel bigger.
  • Finally, if you have some one coming to View, switch all the Lights on!

You want the rooms to feel light and airy as they will fell bigger and more attractive. A room that is Dark and dreary looking isn’t going to grab anyone’s attention.