Top Selling Tips Part 6 – Exercise an Exorcism of your Home

This weeks feature on Staging looks at the industry’s Favourite term: DE-CLUTTER.

But its equally importantly to remember, don’t leave it without a Soul. This point is sometimes overlooked, you want your house to feel like a home, and not a cheap Hotel

Get stuck in and shift all that excess stuff that has accumulated in every nook and Cranny. Stick it in the loft, into storage, sell it or give it away. Especially Bulky furniture. Consider selling and replacing with smaller items. Your potentially going to have shift it anyway! 

Keep your Home clean and Tidy, Ask all your Family to put stuff away, especially so when you know that you have a potential Buyer coming to Visit. There is nothing less attractive than to conduct a viewing and someone has left a pile of dirty Dishes in the Sink !

Remember, you want to help people envisage themselves living there. People can find this difficult, so by removing as much as possible, it will help them see the space available, and ultimately help them envisage life in the House.

People are buying into a lifestyle as much as the Property. So show them an attractive side of your lifestyle.