Top Selling Tips – Part 8 – Dress to impress

Its now time consider dressing up your Property, to add those finishing Touches that will enhance your Property and increase its appeal.Every Room in your Home should have a Feature. Kitchens, Bathrooms are Functional Rooms so they have their own Focal Points. A Standard Bedroom or Study can be pretty Featureless. However you can use the Windows or some other part of the room to Create one, be it a fireplace, piece of furniture or Alcove.

Think of the Window as a picture. This is especially true if the View outside is nice. Make sure the windows are properly dressed with blinds or curtains. In many Rooms the Windows are the Focal Point, especially if the have a nice view. Naked windows can make a place feel sterile and austere. Buy some cheap ones if necessary to help improve the overall look and feel of the room.

Dining rooms can be further enhanced by the using the Dining Table as a Focal Point. Dress it with some Plants and flowers to help bring colour, life and light into the room. A bowl of Fruit in the Kitchen or Diner always adds a nice touch

Use some of your existing Pictures ornaments etc to help dress and underline the Use you have in the room. For example you might have a study. Try and place some of the Stationery and Office Equipment thoughtfully and logically as if you work from their regularly , but remember, try not to over do it as it can be easy to Clutter the Space.

Another useful tool is Using Mirrors. These can help create a Focal Point, but also help by making a Room feel Bigger and reflect Light. A cleverly Placed mirror in a Hallway can, make a narrow space ‘feel ‘ wider and reflect light around corners or into darker areas, as well as providing a focal point.

You are trying to Sell the house and how it will fit into a viewers lifestyle. By Using Pictures, ornaments, Light Fittings, Glassware etc along with any existing features in the Room will help re-enforce this and help your Buyer decide.