Top Selling Tips – Part 7 – Nasty Niffs Negate Niceness!

What is that Smell?

Bad smells are big turn off. Have you ever walked into a room and been overwhelmed by a really unpleasant smell? So imagine that you are viewing a Property for the First Time and you walk in and the First thing that hits you is the strong smell of Wet Dogs or something more unpleasant!? Straight away you will start to thing that the House is dirty.

Once you have been in a room for a while you tend to not notice, your olfactory receptors in your nose become desensitised. So a good tip is to leave your house, as you probably most often do, but when you return have a good old sniff about in every room. If something tingles your Nose either unpleasantly or in a strange way then act. Try to find out where it originates and treat the source!

Be it a Drain, the Bin, Wash Basket, Rover’s Bed, Carpet, or Furniture its time Clean, deodorise or ultimately clear the offending article(s).

Carpets are often the source of the Smell, so Buy some Carpet deodoriser and if necessary be prepared to get them Cleaned and deodorised professionally.

Old Furniture can also smell. If the odours are well embedded and you can’t shift the Smell, again get in a pro or put it into storage.

Wash any Bed Linen regularly to help keep that fresh too. Clean and Fresh Bed Linen will help replace bad Smells and introduce some positive ones.

If you are a smoker, firstly get in the habit of Smoking Outside, but also Properly Ventilate the House to help remove any lingering smells.
I read once that placing bowls of vinegar around the house and leaving out for three or four days will help. Though the vinegar will smell a bit, when you open the windows it will quickly disappear, taking a most of the stale cigarette smell out with it.

Pets, we love them, but not everyone does. So try to keep their ‘realm of aromatic influence’ to a minimum. Litter trays should be stowed away for viewings and encourage our Four Legged Friends into the Garden or away from our visitors

On the other hand, pleasant Aroma’s can help too.
Once you’ve eradicated the Bad Smells, replace them with some good Ones. Invest in some Air Fresheners and open the Window to help Ventilate the House.

If you know you have viewings, Some strategically Place Air Fresheners will help improve the Aroma in the House.

It can be good idea to Brew some coffee and offer them a cup!