The Original and Best: Beware of cheap imitations

Hello, I have been sharing and publishing my thoughts on the Bedford Property Market for well over 18 months now and in General have has some very good positive feedback from all our online Subscribers and Readers.

However just recently I have noticed that there have been a couple of instances of Estate Agents copying the Ideas and articles that we (myself and my Wife Zoe) write on the Blog. We should be flattered as they say that Imitation is the biggest compliment you can have. But, it is unfair on our readers who may mistakenly think that we are employed by some of the Larger Corporate Agents that infest the Bedford Property Market. Zoe and I have been involved in the Bedford Property Market for well over 13 years since we first established our Business.

In that time we have seen many players come and go, thinking that they can re-invent the wheel, before it invariably falls off. We don’t believe that we should shout and scream about what we do, but prefer to concentrate more on what we actually do for our Clients.

Therefore writing and publishing the articles is a way of offering our advice, experience, knowledge and expertise, so that you can make informed decisions. If you use our services, great, but we don’t expect this. You should be confident and comfortable with which ever Avenue you pursue.

Thanks for listening!