Top Selling Tips 13 – For Sale Boards

Some people hate them with a passion and soon as one pops up they are on to the Agent to try and find out who why and how much. They are first to complain if it get blown over, is in the wrong Place or the neighbourhood youths reposition it as part of some drunken prank.

There are many regulations in Place (Town and Country Planning), and I’m sure there are plenty of Sites/Forums that discuss their size, location, Placement and Legality. I just want to ask the question: Why as a Homeowner should you have One?

In, today’s fast moving ‘connected’ world searching for houses is easy. You just register with a Property Search Engine, set your Criteria and Bingo, it tells whats on the Market that fits the Bill. You can even set-up Alerts to inform you when something new becomes available Easy. Eh?

Well that’s great if you are Actively Looking. However what happens if you are not Actively Looking? All ‘active’ buyers will be regularly searching for a property online so it’s very important that you have a significant online presence. Rightmove, Zoopla etc can cater perfectly for Active Buyers

But what about this ‘passive buyer’? You know the type, they are not necessarily looking, the one who saw the board on the school run, the ones who would ‘love to buy that house if it ever came on the market’ or perhaps who would ‘buy a property in that block if one ever came up for sale’. You also need to market to these buyers. A For Sale board is a great way to do this locally.

Another phenomena is the ‘Day Tripper’ Property Searchers. These Buyers are invariably Buying out of Area. So they use the Search Engines to Scour the Area they are looking at, and Book a load of Viewings on a Days they are to visit. However, they will invariably drive around to get a feel for the Area and will happen Across For Sale Boards. If the board wasn’t there how would they know about it?

And believe it or not there are still quite a number people out there who aren’t as connected as you or I. They prefer to take the old fashioned approach and search themselves by visit the Area’s of Interest.

The thing is if you are that keen to sell then Boards are another ‘string to your Bow’ in the search a ready willing and able Buyer. Dismissing them purely because you don’t like them or you don’t want the Neighbours to know is hampering this.