TOP SELLING TIPS – Part 10 – How much ?

Probably the most difficult decision when selling your home is trying to Ascertain what its worth and therefore what price to put it on the market for. Its vital therefore that you do some research and get to know the local Housing market.

A mistake that many people make is using what other properties on the market locally are priced at. That will give you an indication of what the competition is, however, you are far better looking at historical Data.

As I have said in a previous article a few weeks back, the key to valuing a house is to take a more measured and realistic Approach and to look at the recorded selling Prices of similar Properties in your Area. A great Place to start is the Land Registry. However both Rightmove and Zoopla both have similar historical Data available, Plus they often have a record of the particulars so you can see the condition of the Property when it was Last Sold. You can then adjust your own price according to what the Data shows and the market conditions in general.
You can get a number of local Estate Agents to do an evaluation, but don’t necessarily go for the highest as then may overprice in an attempt to get you to sign up for a long Contract.
Also its important to remember that buyers will probably try to negotiate a discount, so be prepared and factor in a Small Percentage to allow for ‘wriggle’ room! 5% to 10% should be sufficient.
Just remember: your house is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay at the time you are prepared to sell. If the two cases are the Same then you’ve potentially got a Sale!