Top Selling Tips 14 – Viewings

When it comes to viewings its important to consider who is going to do them. Ask yourself;

Am I happy to do them?

Do I feel confident enough to present my home in an open honest and objective manner?

Can you overcome and Handle Objections and deal calmly with any questions or suggestions, no matter how outrageous ?

It all boils down to how you can deal with strangers, especially considering they are entering your Domain. You need to be open and Honest, if you fail to disclose anything or are deemed to be dishonest in any way, it could have pretty serious repercussions later. Remember, you want to Stand out and be remarkable, that way the Buyer will reciprocate and be honest with you and give you some decent Feedback.

You may love your Home but it is important to remember that, to any prospective client it is just another house they are looking at.They do not put any significance on it as it could be the umpteenth one they looked that day. Don’t take anything personally, so if they say they don’t like the Wallpaper or the curtains, it fine, it just their opinion.

I always without exception encourage my Vendors to allow me handle the Viewings and negotiate for them, that is part of what I do, and I do it regularly. I have spent many years watching and working with clients so understand what to look for in terms of good and Bad Body Language. As an Agent I am contracted to work for the Vendor (mostly!) so will always report to you with my findings, thoughts and recommendations so that you can make the decision, for me to act on.

If you’re confident in doing so then, Fair enough, if you’re happy to then thats great, however, If you are not, then is your Agent contracted to do them? As I have said, it would be better for the Agent to conduct viewing as they should be skilled in the art of negotiation and be best qualified to promote your home in a one-to-one situation. If they are not then ask yourself, am I with the right Agent? If your in doubt, time to go back a few steps and re-evaluate your Agent Selection and the level of Service you are paying the Agent for.