Top Selling Tips 15 – Access to and presenting the Property

Carrying on from Last time, Before those viewings come pouring in it is important to discuss with the Agent how to get in, if you are Out/or work unsociable shift patterns.

You’ll probably find that most people like to view after work, however, give your Agent a key. If you’ve selected carefully, you should be able to trust your Agent to treat your Property and belongings with respect. Make sure they know your work Patterns and they should factor this in.

However, you may have pets, kids, and other comings and going to consider. Talk to your Agent and discuss in depth. Whilst your house is on the market, make alternative arrangements. Send Roger the Dog on his Holidays to a friend or relative if at all possible.

I often tell owners to take the Dogs/Kids out whilst I’m doing the Viewings, its good for everyone. You’re not on tenterhooks whilst they’re in your Home, the Buyer can Relax a little more and not feel they are imposing themselves, and the Dogs/Kids love to run around the Park!!!  

To give an example I recently had a client who worked alternate night and Days shifts but also had three Dogs. We discussed this at length, so that when I did any Viewings I ensured it fitted in around the shift patterns and they could take the Dogs out for a Walk. Its all about planning and working with your Agent to ensure that the most is made of every opportunity.

Effective forward Planning means you can also keep the House reasonably tidy. The Agent should give you plenty of notice, however, clients don’t necessarily think like that. Some may even turn up for Viewings without telling the Agent! Try and stay flexible, hopefully it will only be for short while….