Bedford : How to be Safe when Buying/Selling/Renting

Extra safe viewing, valuation and marketing procedures with Belvoir Bedford

Following the Government Announcement , we as an industry have been given the responsibility to re-start the economy and the property market has now been unlocked.

We have been given some guidance on how viewings, valuations, marketing and home moves may be conducted safely.

We want everyone to feel as safe as possible when we do viewings, valuations and photo/video shoots on homes, or when moving home during the continuing outbreak of Covid 19.

So let us reassure you that wherever possible we will not be carrying out a physical valuation appointment.

Our business model has improved so much during these unprecedented times that it may not be necessary.  We have the availability of online virtual viewings for potential buyers/tenants with our bespoke professional video tours and virtual tours of our clients homes, and virtual valuation guidance for potential home sellers/landlords over the phone or via online meeting.

We will not be putting any pressure on buyers/tenants to view homes, on local home owners to list their homes or have valuations, or on my clients to allow viewings on their homes or be pressured to move home, unless they absolutely feel safe to do so.

Better to be safe than sorry and only do what you feel is safe for you personally.

So, please respect and understand if any of my clients do not wish to allow viewings on their homes, or move home, until they feel safe to do so.

So if you want a virtual viewing or valuation – let me know!

Where buyers are happy to view my clients homes, and my clients are happy to allow viewings, and potential clients are happy to have valuations and photo/video shoots, I kindly ask you to ensure adherence to the guidelines issued by the government here: also my additional safety procedures as well – all outlined below.

Home owners must ensure

  • They ventilate the home for 30mins prior to the appointment by opening windows and doors
  • Frequently touched surfaces are disinfected before the appointment and afterwards (door handles, light switches, hand rails on stairs, worktops, and taps)
  • All lights are turned on and internal doors open
  • At the nearest point of entry to the home (e.g. ground floor wc); provide hand soap, paper towels (not cloth hand towels) and plastic carrier bag to safely dispose the used paper towels
  • They vacate the home during appointments – as I will show buyers around the home – or at least wear home-made/non-surgical face masks/coverings and maintain social distancing for physical valuations and photo/video shoots etc.
  • They confirm no-one in the home has had any symptoms of Covid 19 in the last 14 days, and inform us if anyone does up to and including the day of the appointment

For buyers viewing, myself, and photographer/videographer appointments etc., the following safety procedures will be taken

  • Confirm no-one in their/our household has had any symptoms in the last 14 days and if symptoms present in their/our household then appointment delayed until their/our household has been symptom free for 14 days
  • Maximum of two people from the buyers household view at a time
  • Home-made/non-surgical face masks/coverings to be worn during the appointment (we don’t wish to put a burden on medical/surgical-grade face mask supply to those that need it most)
  • Shoes off and hands washed upon entering the home and hands washed again when leaving
  • Not touch anything during the appointment

Measures specific to photographer/videographer appointments:

  • Home owners should ensure the home has been de-cluttered as per our standard guidance about preparing homes for photo/video shoots, to remove the need for anything to be moved during the appointment by the photographer/videographer

All of these measures will be under constant review.

While these measures should minimise risk of infection during physical appointments, it will not completely remove the risk – so I will only proceed with appointments where buyers/sellers confirm they understand the risk involved, agree to adhere to the safety measures, and our respective households have been symptom-free for at least 14 days.

I will ask for this confirmation by email at the point of the appointment being initially arranged, the day before the appointment, and again on the day of the appointment

If you are wanting to view any of my clients homes, and are able to purchase right now, please let me know which homes you wish to view and I will endeavour to arrange as soon as possible where my clients are happy to allow viewings.

If you wish to discuss the marketing or valuation of your home, or commence full marketing of your home, please let me know – and we can arrange an initial chat on the phone.

But, most importantly….let’s all stay safe and not rush this – again, better to be safe than sorry and only do what you feel is safe for you personally.

If you are still not sure then get in touch 07985 175749 we will be happy to help