Meeting your match: what to look for in your dream letting agent

Searching for ‘the one’ can often prove tricky. But who says it has to be?

Why can’t things just be simple? Well, they can be. Particularly when it comes to finding the perfect letting agent for your property.

In an ‘instant information’ at your fingertips, internet savvy world, all the tools you need to help single out your perfect partner in the lettings game are to hand. All you need, is a little guidance.

There’s no Tinder app to matchmake you with the right letting agent, sadly. But, just as in any relationship – romantic, platonic or business – the better aligned your ideals are, the more likely the relationship will be a successful one.

A good letting agent will not only manage your property proactively, they will source you the very best tenant and guarantee you a well-kept home with promptly paid rent.

So, what qualities should you look out for in a letting agent?

Firstly, they need to know the area – and would-be tenants in it – well. A local face, they have a vested interest in the community. They’re trustworthy and know all the best cafes. They know the latest school Ofsted reports. They know things.

Call them up and ask what monthly rental yield they expect your property to receive. A great agent won’t hesitate in their answer.

They have a proven track record (Google it, or check their Facebook reviews out). Their shop window is covered in stickers highlighting their affiliation to reputable professional bodies like RICS and the NAEA, demonstrating their transparency and willingness to meet professional, industry standards.

Their promises sound believable. Their turnaround times (from marketing your home to letting it out) are realistic, not conjured out of the ether. They know that sometimes it takes a little longer to find the right tenant who will remain in the property for the long term.

So, before you commit to a letting agent, do your research. Check the reviews. Ask the questions.

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