Thinking of changing estate agents?

Should I switch estate agents?

When you signed the contract with your current estate agent, they might have seemed like the perfect people to sell your home. But perhaps the promised viewings haven’t materialised and now you’re itching to move but there’s not an offer in sight.

When sellers aren’t happy with their agent, it’s often because of a lack of communication, so maybe that’s an issue for you. If the calls and emails from your agent have dropped off recently, you could be feeling as though you and your home are no longer a priority for them – in which case, it’s probably time to switch.

Or maybe you think your agent’s done their best and you’re not sure whether there’s any point in changing to a new one.

Before you make a decision, here are three very good reasons to switch agents:

  1. You get brand-new online listing

This is a big benefit of switching to a new agent. Buyers can see when a home was first listed online and the reality is that the longer a home sits on the market, the more people start to wonder why it’s not selling – some may even start to question whether there’s something wrong with it.

However, the great news is that if you switch agent, your old listing will be taken offline and your new agent will submit a completely new one. That means your home hits the market with a clean slate and a set of brand-new, up-to-date photographs, ready to pique buyers’ interest. And everyone who has registered online to receive notifications of new listings will get your home’s listing delivered to their email inbox, as if it’s ‘day one’ on the market again.

  1. A new agent means a new marketing approach

The best agents will always look for marketing angles to give them the edge over the competition and a new agent will have new ideas about how to sell your home – for example, styling it in a way that broadens its appeal, holding viewings at a particular time of day that shows your home off at its best or simply making sure potential buyers receive a full marketing brochure.

Their experience and resources may be quite different to those of your old agent and this fresh approach should lead to interest from potential buyers who either hadn’t noticed or hadn’t considered your home before.

  1. You and your new agent have the benefit of hindsight

Be completely honest with your new agent about your experience and challenges to date, so that you’re both clear on what wasn’t working before and what your expectations will be moving forward. Often, knowing what doesn’t work is half the battle! Your new agent should be able to see exactly what needs adjusting and improving to help them create the most effective marketing plan for your home and get you the sale you deserve.

If you’re ready to change to a new agent, we’d love to help. Call us on 01234 290685 or email and we’ll be happy to arrange a discreet and confidential chat.