About Us

Nigel and Zoe Bywater

Hi and thank you for visiting this blog. We have been in the Bedford Property market since 2003.

We have always shared our thoughts on the local property market in Bedford with our clients, but now we want to share with everyone in the town.
On this blog, Zoe and I will talk about what is happening in the town’s property market itself, even looking at specific streets or housing estates. At other times, we will post what we consider decent buy to let deals. Some will be on the market with me (as we also sell property), but others will be on the market with other agents in Bedford. We like to look at the whole of market and give you, what we consider the best investment opportunities.

If you see a potential deal, and want a second opinion, without hesitation, get in touch via Whatsapp 07985 175749

We will always give you our honest opinion on the property and its investment potential. (both good and bad) .

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